A Review of our December 13th Hope + Connection Night

After a long period of online connection, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to hold an in-person Hope and Connection Night at Stepping Stone Community Services Centre on December 13th.

It was so nice to see so many familiar faces and a few new faces at this event while reconnecting after years of no in-person interaction.

Nicole began the night by sharing her story of hope involving her loved ones and their ongoing challenges and achievements. Her story really showed how important EmotionsBC is to her and explains why our organization came to be in the first place. Leeann followed with her own story of hope as she shared the struggles that she has found over the years with having emotionally dysregulated family members and what that does to her own wellbeing. Nicole then gave a slide presentation that helped us understand what hope means, what can get in the way of being hopeful, why community is so important, and ways that one can find support.

The slide presentation included several videos of some really amazing people who shared their stories followed by videos of those same people today and the journey that they have been on since the first video.

Several of our volunteers joined us on this evening as well to share their own experiences and stories of hope which we are so grateful for.

We enjoyed some refreshments paired with great conversation that made for a very inspiring night.

We look forward to seeing our participants in-person again in 2023 at our Support and Skills group each month starting January 10th.

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