Here’s How it Went: Community Garage Sale, April 2023

On Saturday April 1st, we had our first ever Community Garage Sale at Don Christian Recreation Centre and it was an absolute blast!

Thanks to your help and the help of our wonderful volunteers, we raised just over $3,000 for our organization!

Thank you to Taylor RestorationCorbin ChiversMcDonalds (Pacific Highway) and Tim Hortons (176/64th) for supporting us in this event as well as Genie Senior Services for donating a majority of the items!

We’d also like to give a huge thank you to The ChickPeas for performing their music live at the event to entertain the crowd! Be sure to check out their original album “Mojito” on YouTube.

Another special thank you to Theresa Tuttle for showcasing her products from her company Tidal Inspirations! And a thank you to Chris Tuttle for photographing the event for us!

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